Wednesday, March 14, 2007

From a Reader, About Just Working

A reader named David (no relation) wrote thusly about stuff just working:

"I'm in the United Red Carpet Room as I often am. I just spent 45 mintues (of the 90 I had to spare) trying to log in to purchase a one day pass to the TMobile hotspot. These guys should be flogged in public in front of their families. Every time I didn't get the exact sequence right it would clear out all fields and make me pull out my wallet to enter my Amex details and much more information; over and over and over. I state again, I'm a Technology should not be so difficult that I can't spend my money with these people. I buy stuff online all the time. It makes me hostile and makes me want to go back to Continental where intenet access is free in their club in the first place. Shame on Tmobile (I'll cancel my cell phone contract next week) and shame on United. Is their goal to make it so hard to use people will want to subscribe to their outrageous 20 per month access fee or just make it so difficult that no one will want to try so they won't have ! bandwidth problems? Please consider adding this to your suckbusters as this is a defcon 5 suckfest"

In addition, he writes, "I read your fine novel [not sure I intended it as a novel, but OK, I'll take what I can get], and as a development and project manager I made it required reading for my entire team. It's part of our mantra now, thank you for so deftly identifying what we all have known all along. We are in the process of reengineering an applictation (internal proprietary) which is a full on 11 on a 1 to 10 scale of sucking.

You may consider it added, David. Thank you for writing.

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