Thursday, June 4, 2009

More Foolishness from

Those of you who have read my book or seen me in person will no doubt remember how awful the web site is. One of my readers tangled with them lately and has this to say. He reports receiving the following email:

[reader's name], we've missed you!

Our records indicate that you have not taken advantage of My UPS recently. To keep your registration active, simply log in to My UPS before Monday, June 29, 2009. If you no longer have a need for My UPS, do nothing and your registration will expire on Monday, June 29, 2009.

Here is the reader's comment to them, which he sent via their web page. BTW, you have to work through 5 separate screen to send them an email. My reader must have been really angry to go through all that effort:

It does not help me to have you "time out" my registration. It seems that it only helps you to perhaps clean out your files.Your customer is not YOU it is ME. I have website logins that I have not used in years that still know about me just fine. Since your website is well known for not responding well to your customers (see book Why Software Sucks by David Platt), I am not surprised by your request. I will email Mr. Platt with this latest stupidity.

UPS still hasn't gotten it through their heads that making their users think is a bad idea. I hope the rest of you can learn from their example what not to do.

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Marcel said...

Hmm... for the same reason, I am very annoyed with Amazon's habit of removing from my "save for later" cart books that I left there for a long time (over a year maybe). Sure, I might never buy them... but if they remove them, I will *definitely* never buy them. Even if I had 1000 books in there, that's 1000 times the size of the book ID... hard drives are far too cheap. Someone just thought "here's how clever I am, I'll run a periodical job to delete old data, yay me".