Monday, June 29, 2009

Know Thy User, Episode# 987346523: Ode to the Cupholder

Speaking of things that just work, or fail to, I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the humble cup holder. My 1979 Volkswagen Rabbit and 1987 Volkswagen Golf had none. My 1995 Saab had only one, and that located very inconveniently back behind right my hip. Then somene started paying attention to real customers, and they bred like bacteria all over the automative industry -- my 2003 Honda Odyssey minvan had 17 of them -- enough for 7 two-fisted drinkers, with three left over, plus a collapsible eating able between the front seats. Matthew DeBord pays homage to the, in Slate's The Big Monday Blog at this link . Maybe automotive engineers don't care about eating in their cars, but real customers do. Just one more example: Know Thy User, For He Is Not Thee.

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Branvini said...

Where did we put drinks before the cup holder? Between our knees? On the dash board? On the floor?