Tuesday, June 17, 2008

World's Most Useless Dialog Box

I was trying recently to uninstall a Microsoft program from the Windows Control Panel. After selecting the app and clicking Uninstall, I got the usual progress dialog box showing a progress bar. After reaching about 50% progress, the uninstallation stopped and I received the following dialog box, after which the progress receded and the app did not uninstall. I have to consider this box stunningly uninformative, even by Microsoft standards:

Not only does this box fail to provide any useful information whatsoever, it goes further by deliberately insulting the user, thusly: The image on the screen in the icon sure looks like that of the Earth's natural satellite. The dialog box is mooning its user.

I call upon the designer and implementer of this box to step forward, publicly own up to their sins.

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glenncz said...

Dave, Thanks for trying to make life easier for "us chumps" that drive an automatic, (cause we like to eat and talk on the phone at the same time).
Glenn Czulada